Pet transportation for dogs and cats to Belgium

We are fully qualified drivers and pet lovers, which provide transport of pets dogs and cats door to door to Belgium from Romania and from Belgium to Romania

Relocating to Belgium can be an excellent adventure for families and their pets. Thus, the relocation organization includes the solutions so that the pet can accompany its owners. If you have not yet found an optimal solution then we recommend you to make a reservation for our services and we will take care of everything that is important. We provide transport services for dogs and cats Belgium in the best conditions and we make sure at every step that all the requirements in this regard are met.

Dog and cat transport Belgium – a premium quality service

We have a fleet of A.N.S.V.A authorized vehicles properly equipped to be able to perform stress-free transport for small passengers. Our certified drivers have the necessary experience to efficiently manage the transport. We have many years of experience in the field and we are constantly improving our services in order to offer a special experience for all our clients.

Animal transport is a responsibility that we gladly take on because we are also animal lovers and we want to provide them with the best. We are constantly informed so that you do not hit the bureaucracy when the relocation must be done quickly.

Discover the best services for relocating your pet

In order to ensure that the relocation of the pet is done in the best conditions, you must take into account a series of aspects such as:

  • Holding a valid international passport
  • To be 4 months old
  • To be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies (vaccine to be given 21 days before the trip)
  • To be dewormed internally and externally and to be subjected to a clinical examination
  • To provide all the necessary information 5 days before the trip to be registered in the International Traces System

All these things need to be ensured so that the transport can take place in the best conditions. We make sure that your cat or dog benefits from all possible comfort, food and water at discretion but also from the attention of our staff.

GOOD TO KNOW before transporting your dog or cat to Belgium from Romania and from Belgium to Romania

  1. No pet, dog or cat, can travel outside Romania/Belgium without a valid International Passport.
  2. The dog or cat can leave the country, according to the legislation in force, only after reaching the age of 4 months and only after being microchipped and vaccinated with rabies.
  3. Due to implantation of the microchip it must be before the date of rabies vaccination
  4. The rabies vaccine should be made at least 21 days before the scheduled start date. It must be written with a pen, it must be signed and paraphrased and it must have a round stamp and secure foil.
  5. On the day of departure or 24 hours before, the dog or cat must be internally and externally debased and undergo a clinical examination. All these data must be found in the Passport of the animal
  6. 5 days before the trip we will need all this data to be able to complete in the International Traces System
  7. Please note that without this information, pets cannot be transported!