Pet transportation for dogs and cats to Netherlands

We are fully qualified drivers and pet lovers, who provide transport of dogs and cats door to door to the Netherlands from Romania and from the Netherlands to Romania.

When you are faced with moving a pet to the Netherlands, we understand the value of feeling absolutely comfortable knowing that it is being transported safely to its destination. Although there are so many options available when it comes to transporting pets, they may not always be the best solution.

We offer the best pet transport services for a stress-free relocation

Airlines or railways impose a number of rules that are not always the most comfortable options.

For your dog or cat, relocation is a major stress and we make sure along the way that they have the best conditions. We are here to help you and provide you with the best animal transport services in the Netherlands.

To make the trip as comfortable as possible, our team unconditionally offers the extra care it needs and deserves. Thus, relocation becomes less stressful knowing that your cat or dog is in good hands.

Preparing the pet for transport to the Netherlands

Preparing the transport of animals for the Netherlands is a rather complex process for which you need to be involved as early as possible. If you already know the date on which you will relocate then contact us in advance and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

Also related to the preparation for transporting pets in the Netherlands, you must remember the following:

  • International transport of animals cannot be done without a valid passport
  • According to the legislation in force, the animal can leave the country only at the age of 4 months, microchipped and vaccinated against rabies
  • The microchip must be implanted before the rabies vaccine can be given
  • The rabies vaccine is given 21 days before the date of departure and must be accompanied by a document written in pen, signed and initialed with a round stamp and secure foil.
  • A maximum of 24 hours before an internal and external deworming must be performed plus a clinical examination and this information must be found in the animal’s passport.
  • 5 days before the trip we need all this data to register the pet in the International Traces System

GOOD TO KNOW before transporting your dog or cat to the Netherlands from Romania and from the Netherlands to Romania.

  1. No pet, dog or cat, can travel outside Romania/Netherlands without a valid International Passport.
  2. The dog or cat can leave the country, according to the legislation in force, only after reaching the age of 4 months and only after being microchipped and vaccinated with rabies.
  3. Due to implantation of the microchip it must be before the date of rabies vaccination
  4. The rabies vaccine should be made at least 21 days before the scheduled start date. It must be written with a pen, it must be signed and paraphrased and it must have a round stamp and secure foil.
  5. On the day of departure or 24 hours before, the dog or cat must be internally and externally debased and undergo a clinical examination. All these data must be found in the Passport of the animal
  6. 5 days before the trip we will need all this data to be able to complete in the International Traces System
  7. Please note that without this information, pets cannot be transported!