About the company

We are a company specialized in the transport of pets, dogs and cats.

Our means of transport are authorized by ANSVSA for the transport of dogs and cats over long distances and are registered in the International Traces System.

All cars are equipped with automatic hot and cold air conditioning. This ensures an optimal climate for small passengers throughout the journey. The ventilation in the compartment of the dogs and the cats is realized by means of special flaps mounted in the machine. Thanks to this automatic climate control system, but also to the fact that the cars are sound and thermal insulated, we can carry pet transport throughout the year.

The machines also installed a Webasto system. It performs heating in the cabin for dogs and cats even when the engine is stopped.

The machines also have a temperature recorder. With this help we can record the temperature in the animal compartment throughout the trip. The values ​​recorded by it can then be listed and verified by the competent bodies.

The cages inside the car are specially made for the transport of dogs and cats, have a powerful door lock system and are of different sizes to be able to provide small passengers with increased comfort depending on their waist. The dimensions of the cages are as follows: 62x44x50, 78x48x55, 92x57x63, 122x76x84.

We can offer you 40 seats, individually, for each transport of dogs and cats!

At the same time, the little animals will not be scared by the darkness in the car because, in their compartment, we have LED lighting system.

Throughout the trip we have an internet connection, so the adopters, owners or rescuers can get in touch with us, they can see photos during the transport and they can find the place where we are in real time using the GPS system.

Our team participated actively and emotionally in the smooth running of each transport of dogs and cats.

From the moment of boarding to the destination, the small passengers are treated with affection, they are cared for and are accommodated in the best conditions. Throughout the trip, our pets are carefully monitored, fed and watered periodically, and the sheets in the cages are changed whenever necessary.

With us, the dogs and the kittens will be the happiest.

Because we care!

Dear team,